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boost::ptr_vector not visualized in visual studio 2015


boost::ptr_vector is not visualized in vs2015, because _Mylast and _Myfirst in std::vector is renamed to _Myfirst() and _Mylast().
Please please do something for vs2015?
Closed Jul 12, 2015 at 1:19 AM by KindDragon
Fixed in version 1.0.18


flysha wrote Jan 21, 2015 at 2:26 AM

switch to 'c_._Mypair._Myval2._Mylast' can work, but std::map is also changed, lots of work we can do.

<Type Name="boost::ptr_vector<*,*>">
<AlternativeType Name="boost::ptr_vector&lt;boost::nullable&lt;*&gt;,*&gt;" />
<DisplayString>{{ size={c_._Mypair._Myval2._Mylast - c_._Mypair._Myval2._Myfirst} }}</DisplayString>
    <Item Name="[size]" ExcludeView="simple">c_._Mypair._Myval2._Mylast - c_._Mypair._Myval2._Myfirst</Item>
    <Item Name="[capacity]" ExcludeView="simple">c_._Mypair._Myval2._Myend - c_._Mypair._Myval2._Myfirst</Item>
        <Size>c_._Mypair._Myval2._Mylast - c_._Mypair._Myval2._Myfirst</Size>