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C++ Debugger Visualizers for Boost, wxWidgets, TinyXML, TinyXML2.

Debugger Visualizers for Boost based on this visualizers

  • Boost library
    • boost::shared_ptr, boost::weak_ptr, boost::intrusive_ptr, boost::shared_array, boost::scoped_ptr, boost::scoped_array
    • boost::ptr_array, boost::ptr_vector, boost::ptr_list, boost::ptr_deque, boost::ptr_map, boost::ptr_set, boost::ptr_multimap, boost::ptr_multiset
    • boost::array, boost::dynamic_bitset, boost::circular_buffer
    • boost::unordered_map, boost::unordered_set, boost::unordered_multimap, boost::unordered_multiset
    • boost::intrusive::list, boost::intrusive::slist, boost::intrusive::set
    • boost::container::basic_string, boost::container::deque, boost::container::vector
    • boost::optional, boost::any, boost::variant
    • boost::filesystem::path, boost::filesystem::directory_entry, boost::filesystem::file_status
    • boost::posix_time::ptime, boost::posix_time::time_duration
    • boost::multiprecision
    • boost::rational
    • boost::regex
    • boost::interprocess::offset_ptr
    • boost::tribool
    • boost::unique_lock
    • boost::uuids::uuid
    • boost::gil (Image Watch)
  • wxWidgets library: wxPoint, wxSize, wxRect, wxDateTime, wxLongLong, wxString, wxArrayString, wxDir, wxFileName
  • TinyXML library: TiXmlNode, TiXmlElement, TiXmlAttribute
  • TinyXML2 library: XMLNode, XMLElement, XMLAttribute
  • HRESULT for DirectX

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